Where We Are:

Caveland is an old farm of 150 acres lying amid the fertile limestone fields of the Northern Shenandoah Valley..  We are right off of route 50 between Middleburg and Winchester.  Our close proximity to routes 81 and 66 makes the farm very accessible for shipping horses in and out.

What We Offer:

All pastures are board-fenced and each contains a run-in shed and many trees.  We have an abundance of grass and feed only top quality hay.  Our family has been intensively involved with horses for forty years.  We and our four daughters foxhunted, evented and showed and now that they have flown the nest, we would like to open our farm gates to older horses who have earned an honorable retirement and temporarily incapacitated horses who can return to their job after a period of R and R.  We intend to keep our numbers such that we can maintain a hands-on relationship with each horse.

What We Charge:

The board is $175 per month unless the horse needs special medical attention in which case the owner will be billed at cost.  The basic board will include worming and trimming twice a year.  We will also email to the owner a photo of his or her horse every 4 months.